You don´t want to get burned out!


Burnout isn’t just being very tired

It’s a serious medical condition that can set off other problems—depression, stroke, suicidal thoughts, breakdown. The last stage of chronic stress, burnout occurs when all your energetic resources—emotional, physical, and mental—have been used up.

But what sign and symptoms do a person with a burnout have?
Can you see on a person that they are burned out?
How do they/we behave?

Well, the most obvious signs are that they withdraw themselves from responsibilities, and soon after that isolate themselves from others.
They start skipping work or coming in late and leaving early.
They start to use food, drugs, or alcohol to cope. Take out their frustration on others and procrastinating, taking longer to get things done.

Isolation was a huge problem for me. It caused me trouble. I had to chose what calls I could manage and which I couldn´t.  The reason is that the calls could drain me even if it was my best friend calling. It could be my mom, and the fact is that some calls (you can read people) was so draining that I chose not ever answer them again. And that put another weight on my burden.  I was ashamed over myself for it. And I couldn´t possibly explain it to anyone because no one would understand it anyway.

I was a single mom and nobody understood me

My mom and my sister still don´t believe me.
I had to say no once when they wanted me to drive mom back to her hometown after a wedding weekend 6 years ago. I had to say no because the drive would take me two hours additionally. I had almost 5 hours from the beginning. I just couldn´t do it. The didn´t believe me. They still don’t.

I lost all contact with them because of my burnout and that´s terrible. I still grief.

Do you recognize this?

What about emotional signs?

Well, you´ll have a sense of failure and self-doubt, feeling helpless, hopeless, trapped and defeated.
You lose a sense of motivation, feel detached and alone in the world.

Burnout leads to dire thinking. It colors everything dark and strips away the will and effort to change the situation. It sets off awfulizing and worst-case scenarios on a grand scale. “I can’t do this job anymore.” “I won’t be able to take it.” “Why bother?”

In short, burnout can take away life as you know it or once knew it. It can cause you to lose your job, your family, your friends, your sense of worth, and your identity. So if you’re on that path, it’s important that you recognize it so you can do something about it.

Click on this link to watch a video about preventing burnout

I keep telling people that there is a way out of burnout and that is to reach out. When we are sick, we go to the doctor, but when it comes to stress and burnout, we are reluctant to get the expertise to turn off the stress response and get healthy. Studies show that one of the most effective ways to overcome burnout is through stress coaching. From my experience helping people escape the burnout cycle, I can tell you that the courage to reach out unlocks the door to restoring your health.

It’s a physical condition that has to be dealt with in the same way as other serious illnesses, by rooting out the cause and rebuilding the body and mind.

Words of encouragement

Listen, you are a wonderful and awesome person! You are trustworthy and highly valued! You have everything in you. You´ve just taken a break.
A break from all demanding people who don´t understand better. You are richer than them because of that. I got you, I believe you! I understand you!

I know it sometimes feels like you have no skin. Like everything slips through. The latches are gone. But you are not standing in front of a wall. You are standing in front of a door. A door with handles only on the inside.

You have closed the door behind you, and in that space, between doors, you build up yourself again. Its a place for rest, and you rest as long as you need to.
Then when you´re ready you can slowly open up the new door and let new things come into your life.


So what can you do?

If you like to reach out and get tools on how to do this you can start with letting me help you.
I can provide with some value for you to cope.  No matter if you are on your way to burnout or if you are right in the middle of it.

Click on this link to watch a short video about burnout!

Fill in the forms and I´ll give you some tools to prevent burnout!

Have a nice evening and hope you sleep well tonight!

With Love, Anna


Thats me!
This is me while I tried to build up a new business after my second burnout.

Chronic Fatigue

Does it help to eat candy?

The revolting fact that the Swedes eat candy up to 16 kilos per person a year isn’t only disgusting but also true!

We eat more sugar than any country in the world. Still, we aren’t the fattest people on earth.

When I had a burnout I constantly looked for candy in our kitchen cabinets, hoping to find any candy crumbs or anything “candylike”, forgotten in our children’s room hidden under the beds, for them to take when they crave for it.
My cravings for sugar was limitless. I gained weight yes but not compared to the amount of candy I ate.
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2018 is a year of change

Is it possible to bounce back from a burnout?

I can with all my heart say that this is the year of change.  I realized that I need to stand up, take action, and not let this opportunity pass me by.  It’s more important than ever.

Don’t be scared off when I put that start in this blog, cause I’ve been in a black hole as well. So deep down depressed and anxious, without any beliefs of change and energy, to get out of that terrible state.

One moment you’re working to make everything good in your life, then before you know it, you’re flat on your back, unable to do anything more than perhaps open your eyes.
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